World View Live Wallpaper for Windows

World View Wallpaper uses up to 500mb of disk space to store one image per minute for a single location. You can change locations at any time, and the new location will be downloaded in the background and replace the previous location.

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Pittsburgh nightime nightlife live wallpaper of sky scrapers and bridges Pittsburgh urban wallpaper of a city skyline afternoon during the day Pittsburgh Pennsylvania three rivers world view live wallpaper time lapse Pittsburgh downtown photograph high quality wallpaper sunrise dawn Pittsburgh city night skyline time lapse live wallpaper in 1080 HD retina photography

World View Wallpaper

Enjoy the world through your wallpaper

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It's the time zone clock for the 21st century.

See beautiful photographs from locations around the world that match the current time.

Tropical ocean live wallpaper in 1080 HD retina photograph of the Caribbean

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Featuring stunning photography from:



San Francisco

The Caribbean

The Teton Mountains

New York City

Los Angeles



and more

Currently 3:30pm in the Caribbean

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1080p HD live wallpaper of Jerusalem Israel travel photography
Currently 1:30pm in Jerusalem

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